BehaviorSpace online mentoring for
HIV-positive patients

BehaviorSpace Mentor for HIV-Pos is personal online mentoring for HIV-positive patients that’s available any time, any where. 

Patient experience and outcomes

Personal mentoring

Mentor for HIV-Pos helps patients create realistic, achievable plans for sticking to medication regimens and reducing risky behaviors, reinforced with engaging instructional videos.

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Patient success

In clinical studies, the Mentor platform achieved retention rates exceeding 80% over a nine-month period. Over 95% of patients were able to use Mentor tools successfully use, and 65% of patients preferred Mentor to a human counselor.*

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Clinical outcomes

In controlled clinical studies, Mentor for HIV-Pos contributed to behavior change in HIV patients. Patients also lowered viral loads and improved compliance with medication regimens.

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Organizational benefits

Expanded service

Expand screening and provide confidential online mentoring to additional patients without additional staff.

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Enhanced data

Use individual behavior data and aggregated longitudinal data across all patients to understand and document performance against treatment objectives.

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Ease and affordability

BehaviorSpace HIV-Pos Mentor is easy to deploy and affordable for clinics of all sizes. Monthly costs are predictable and based on number of users, with no hardware or IT costs. 

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Certified and Secure

CDC recognition

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has designated CARE-HIV Pos as Best Evidence intervention for risk reduction and Good Evidence intervention for medication adherence.

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HIPAA compliance

All BehaviorSpace patient data resides in a HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based data store, is encrypted in transit, and is never stored on any device

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