BehaviorSpace HIV-Pos Mentor

Online counseling for HIV-positive patients. When you can’t be there to support your HIV-positive patients, HIV-Pos Mentor can.

How does HIV-Pos Mentor work?

Patient begins session on any device

Patients can use HIV-Pos Mentor on web browsers, tablets, mobile devices, or kiosks, on their schedules, and resume an interrupted session any time—even on a different device.

Virtual counselor interviews patient

A non-judgmental, virtual counselor conducts a personalized, motivational interview to explore a HIV-positive patient’s behavior, knowledge, and goals.  

Patient sets goals and begins plan

Patients establish goals, which are incorporated into a plan to reduce health risks and take medications.

Patient learns more about specific risks

Engaging skills-building videos, recommended based on patient’s stage of change and specific risks, provide extended support for achieving goals.

Virtual counselor checks in on the patient

Over time, the virtual counselor checks in with the patient to ask how previous risk-reduction plans are going, spots changes in behaviors and health status, and addresses previously identified risks.

Studies have demonstrated successful patient use of HIV-Pos Mentor and high patient retention over time. Most people are comfortable with the online counselors and are likely to disclose accurately.

Workflow and analysis

  • Supports online and in-clinic workflows, such as subject recruitment and test consenting, with consent and safe-to-test confirmation provided to clinic staff.  
  • Captures individual behavior data and aggregates longitudinal data across all patients—data you can use to understand and demonstrate performance against treatment objectives. 
  • Integrates with your analytic software, so you can generate custom reports for routine monitoring and quality control and for descriptive statistics.

Security and scalability

  • HIV-Pos Mentor data is never stored on a device.  
  • BehaviorSpace maintains a HIPAA-compliant data store, which provides security, ease of updates, and high scalability.

Customization and experimentation

You can customize HIV-Pos Mentor with unique questions or entirely new content protocols, and then conduct randomized, controlled trials or experimental research to refine content protocols. Include multiple study arms within a single deployment, screen users and direct them to the appropriate arm, or randomize participants across two or more arms. BehaviorSpace has also been adapted for specific behavioral concerns, such as suicide prevention; for specific audiences, such as prison inmates; and for customized content and testing.   To learn more about custom content architecture and content as well as modification and integration into your existing offerings, contact us

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