In collaboration with top research institutions across the United States, we’ve crafted and tested BehaviorSpace solutions for a variety of website, research, and clinical needs. We’ve described a few of them here.

Suicide prevention training

As art of its commitment to the health of its members and the communities it serves, Kaiser Permanente worked with BehaviorSpace to develop a free suicide prevention training for health care providers. The training is mandated for some Washington State health providers and satisfies certain relicensing requirements set by the Washington State Medical Quality Assurance Commission. The course covers suicide statistics and factors that influence individual risk, screening for suicide risk, developing a crisis response and lethal means removal plan, and when and how to refer a patient to a mental health patient for further treatment.

HIV-Pos Mentor for Corrections 

To reduce risk and disease transmission among inmates, we customized the content and user experience in HIV-Pos Mentor for deployment in a prison. Because network access is not permitted inside the prison, we deployed HIV-Pos Mentor as a stand-alone system on non-networked tablets. The researchers transferred data from the tablets for aggregation and analysis.

Research Partner: Ann Kurth, New York University School of Nursing 
Deployed in: Washington, DC

HIV-Pos Mentor for Drug Court

We created and deployed a custom version of HIV-Pos Mentor in a drug court. Participation was a compulsory condition of the monitored release of drug offenders, an alternative to incarceration. The experience featured a series of didactic videos and videos of a judge delivering relevant messages. It was deployed as a study with a control arm and an intervention arm. The control arm received only a series of three video messages. The intervention arm received the video messages, plus the HIV-Pos Mentor experience.

Research Partner: David Festinger, Treatment Research Institute 
Deployed in: Philadelphia, PA

HIV-Pos Mentor for Kenya 

We adapted the HIV-Pos Mentor content and user experience for a Kenyan audience. All text, audio, and video were localized into Swahili with an all-Kenyan cast, and produced on location in Eldoret, Kenya. The experience was given to local populations in Eldoret and Burnt Forest. Although the study was completed in June 2014, the product is still in use in Eldoret, providing interventions for the local population.

Research Partner: Ann Kurth, New York University School of Nursing 
Deployed in: Eldoret and Burnt Forest, Uasin Gishu County, Kenya

HIV-Pos Prevention Mentor 

This deployment was aimed at monitoring viral load and medication adherence in HIV-positives while also doing risk-reduction to prevent passing on the infection.

Research Partner: Ann Kurth, New York University School of Nursing and FHI360 – formerly Family Health International, and formerly RTI (Research Triangle Incorporated) 
Deployed in: Washington, DC and the Bronx, NY

Community deployments 

We’ve deployed HIV-Pos Mentor successfully in a variety of settings, including an STD clinic, the urgent care department of a regional trauma center, a county-run teen health clinic, a Planned Parenthood clinic, and a community non-profit organization.

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